About Fjordtank

Fjordtank was founded back in 2004 by three captains who have a great passion for ships and sailing. The owners works as captains onboard their vessels.

The aim of Fjordtank has always been to work hard for their customers, the safest and best working environment for their crews, and to do the outmost to protect our wonderful waters of northern Europe. The business idea of Fjordtank is to own and operate modern high-class tankers.

All operations by Fjordtank are hands on, with in-house complete management of tankers.

A young company by name, but with a tradition in shipping for many generations. The first newbuilding was delivered to our grandfather in 1936, after that several ships has been in the family. Tanker shipping started in 2004 with formation of Fjordtank. We are looking forward to continue serving our current and future partners with the absolutely best reliable service and best operating ships.

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